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ending HIV/AIDS
1 prayer at a time

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In conjunction with National Black HIV Awareness Day, AARTH is managing the Ending HIV One Prayer at a Time Campaign. This endeavor is designed to engage people of faith – ALL FAITHS - in prayerful responses to HIV.


Our goal is to have at least 1,000 individuals to commit to regularly pray for one person living with HIV during the next year. AARTH is inviting people of all faiths and faith communities to aggressively and intentionally activate the power of prayer to help END HIV.


Participants in Ending HIV One Prayer at a Time are called “Prayer Partners” and are asked to pray regularly for one person with HIV/AIDS throughout the year.

  1. The first step is to register, so we can record how many Prayer Partners sign up.. You will need to provide an email address, zip code and place of worship.  

  2. You can pray for someone you know who is living with HIV or just pray for a virtual person. Names are not necessary and your prayers will always be your private business. You can determine the profile of your “virtual” person who can be any age, race, sex, etc. The tragedy of HIV/AIDS is that the disease does not discriminate.

  3. Prayer Partners are encouraged to like our Face Book page, Ending HIV/AIDS One Prayer at a Time, and post pictures, prayers, and comments.

  4. Prayer Partners are also encouraged to supplement prayer with education. Learn how HIV/AIDS impacts your community.

2023 Goal

1,000 Prayer Partners

Endorsed By: 
New Beginnings Christian Fellowship
Plymouth Congregational Church
Unity Senior Fellowship Outreach

Add Your organization to the list, contact

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