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5 Finger PRE-Diabetes Test

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February 2020 Meeting Packet

Here is how to diagnose pre-diabetes in less than a minute using just your fingers and what you know about your body.

  • Hold up 1 finger if you are a man, none of you are a woman.

  • Hold up 3 fingers if you are over the age of sixty, 2 fingers if you are over fifty, and 1 finger if you are over forty, none if you are under forty.

  • Hold up 1 finger if you believe you do not get enough physical activity, none if you believe you are physically active enough.

  • Hold up 1 finger if anybody in your family has diabetes, none if your family does not have a history of diabetes.

  • Hold up 1 finger if you have high blood pressure, none if you have a normal blood pressure.

  • Hold up 3 fingers if you are severely overweight (obese), 2 fingers if you are overweight, 1 finger if you are slightly overweight and no fingers if you are at a healthy body weight.

If you find that, by the end of doing this self-diagnosis that you are holding up five fingers or more then there is a good chance that you have pre-diabetes.


This type of diagnosing makes use of the factors that most researchers believe are associated with an increased risk in diabetes. Even though it is not 100% accurate, most experts believe that it is a good way of assessing your diabetes risk.

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