Greetings Community,


We are excited to be involved with scheduling and education about Covid 19 in our community.

AARTH is: 

  1. Hosting Educational workshops

  2. Posting POP-UP Clinics around town

  3. Scheduling for some Vaccine Clinics

  4. Providing ongoing educational resources.


As Popup Clinics become available throughout the Greater Seattle Area, we are posting that information with the links to sign up. The easiest way to reach out to you is by email, so please check your emails daily. We usually find out 3-5 days before a clinic. If you do not have access to email, please note that on the form so we can try and call.


We are posting 2 types of clinics, one where we know there is an availability and they are reaching out to AARTH because they want to reach African Americans. The second type are partnered vaccine clinics where AARTH is given a certain allotment and we are asked to fill those spots. For those clinics, we have partnered with Twanda Hill & Associates and her team will set up an online portal as well as make phone calls to fill those slots.

We are currently working in Phase 1B so you would like to get vaccinated, get on our waiting list. We are here to help and serve.


Be Aware of Scammers

  • We will NEVER ask you for your SSN when registering you for an appointment.

Food and Drug Administration

An introduction to COVID-19 tests

Testing is crucial to guiding our next steps in the fight against #COVID19, but do you know the difference between all the tests available?

COVID-19 and pet safety

The number of animals that have contracted the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is very low and testing is NOT recommended. If your pet gets sick, consult your veterinarian. Learn more:

Shopping safely during a pandemic

Grocery shopping still a necessity for you during the COVID-19 pandemic? Worried about safety? Here are 12 tips that can help to restore confidence.

The importance of masking with available vaccine

In the messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine trials, COVID-19 vaccines are primarily being tested to determine whether they prevent a person from getting sick, from having a prolonged illness, or hospitalization. Importantly, these clinical trials are not focused on whether a vaccine prevents someone from getting the virus at all.



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