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Honors, Reports, &

“The Rev. Mary Diggs-Hobson’s first experience with AIDS was as a volunteer chaplain at Bailey-Boushay House.

Many of the patients she ministered to, particularly gay African-American men, had been rejected by their families and churches. Diggs-Hobson grew up in the African-American faith community, and was well-versed in the common prejudices about homosexuality and sin.

But holding the hands of dying young people led her beyond mere tolerance to acceptance and sharing Jesus’ love. ‘That growth, that transformation, is what really helped prepare me for my journey with my own son.’ ”

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The Rev. Mary Diggs-Hobson runs a ministry to dispel myths about HIV and AIDS, and to encourage compassion for people with the virus. Her son, Reginald, told her in 1995 that he was HIV-positive, and together they started African Americans Reach & Teach Health Ministry. Reginald also suffered from a kidney disease, and because he was HIV-positive, was disqualified from receiving a transplant. He died in 2007 at the age of 42. (Alan Berner / The Seattle Times)


The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway

Pastors and parents, the pair discuss providing spiritual counsel to those in hospice and recall the legacy of Mary's son, Reginald.

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