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Kathleen Wilcox, MBA, BSN

AARTH is excited to announce our new Executive Director, Kathleen Wilcox, BSN, MBA. Prior to joining AARTH, Kathleen served as Global Director of Drug Safety & Epidemiology for Chiron Corporation.  Her career has included serving as an intensive care nurse and working with subjects contributing to cardiovascular research at the Hope Heart Institute. Advocacy is in her DNA as demonstrated in her community focused activities including member of the King County Advisory Council for Seniors and Disabled Services, and member of the Seattle Parks Department’s Rainier Advisory Council, and several other advisory councils.  Kathleen’s love for family and community has been expressed through her experiences as a caregiver and team nurse for the Rainier Community Center little league football team. 


Kathleen holds an Executive Master of Business Administration from University of Washington’s Foster School of Business, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Seattle University, and a Bachelor of Arts with a focus in Clinical Psychology from University of Washington. 

Executive Director

Angeilea' Yancey-Watson, BSW

Angeilea’ Yancey-Watson is a Tacoma, WA native. Angeilea received her dual bachelors in Community psychology and Health Administration from the University of Washington (Go Dawgs!) in 2017. Since then, her career has been focused on the advocacy and care coordination for underrepresented populations. Angeilea became a certified in-home caregiver in 2014, which was the catalyst to discovering her passion for African American behavioral health. In 2018 and 2019, she served as an Assisted living Director specializing in Alzheimer's and Dementia care. Prior to joining AARTH, Angeilea served as the Director of behavioral health for Sound Wellness Group, a private practice in Tacoma. Her community health journey has led to currently operating as AARTH’s Elders Living & Aging Well (ELAW) program coordinator. Angeilea is intentional about using health promotion to expose new ways of social awareness and to encourage the African American community to both control and redefine their reality. She is extremely humbled to be a part of AARTH’s continuous work at discovering and increasing existing resources that improve quality of life.  

ELAW Lead Program Coordinator

Twanda leaning on purple wall.jpg

Principal and owner, Twanda Hill specializes with small and medium sized businesses providing systems and strategies for opening, sustaining and growing their businesses. She is a digital marketing expert and a Solution Provider for Constant Contact. e of years, the focus has included teaching social media workshops and offering simple web page design. Her capacity to blend in with your organization, working as part of the team to fill critical gaps and allow your organizations goals to be met efficiently and professionally. 

Twanda Hill


Digital Equity Project, ELAW &


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Rena Cann

Outreach Coordinator/Office Assistant

Rena Cann spent most of her career as a Systems Analyst in the aerospace industry. Her last 5 years were spent as a Lead Analyst for a team of 6 analyst. Her team was responsible for research, analyzes, and compiling technical data for in-service company products and system-level concepts in the projected operational environments to optimize effectiveness over the programs lifecycle. She also assisted in the integration of technical, cost, value, risks, and specialty engineering considerations into definition of the products.

Rena’s passion for people led her to obtain a Business Management Degree from City University with an emphasis on Organizational Behavior. She also obtained her certification as a Life Coach from Academy for Coach Training in Bellevue. She believes that when people know they are valued; an organization and the people can thrive and be successful.

AARTH is the place where Rena can be intentional around people and processes. She knows that without God none of these things is possible. As the Outreach Coordinator and Office Assistant, Rena joyfully connect people and services.

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Anthony Harris, Photographer

Rev. Dr. Renee McCoy

HIV/Aids Program Manager

Rev. Dr. Renee McCoy is the former co-pastor of Eastgate Congregational United Church of Christ in Bellevue, WA. She is the former Director of Public and Private Grants and the former Director of Prevention Education at Lifelong AIDS Alliance in Seattle. She moved to Seattle in 2009 from Detroit, MI, where she was the Director of HIV/AIDS Programs for the Detroit metropolitan area. In that capacity she oversaw HIV/AIDS prevention and care services for the Detroit metropolitan area through the Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion. Dr. McCoy has a long and extensive history of HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and research dating back to the onset of the pandemic in 1981, working in New York, Washington, D.C., and Detroit, MI, and Seattle, WA. Much of her work has focused on identifying and addressing the concerns of minorities and stigmatized groups including people of color and LGBTQ persons. She also specializes in addressing chronic illness and barriers due to social determinants of health such as poverty, racism, limited education, and obstacles to care and services for people of color.


She has received numerous national and local awards for the work she has done in HIV/AIDS, pastoral care, and community organizing. She has a doctorate in anthropology and has taught business and organizational anthropology, global health, and qualitative research methods. She is a medical anthropologist who has conducted ethnographic research in the Detroit metropolitan area targeting hard to reach, high risk groups. Dr. McCoy is also an ordained minister who has served the spiritual needs of marginalized persons for over four decades. 

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Kimberly Breland, MBA
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