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HRSA - Health Equity Report 2017
Report on Health Resources and Services Administration's efforts in reducing health disparities and promoting health equity for various populations.

Sound Generations - E&I

Sound Generation's approach to health and equity in their staffing/programming - includes equity resources.

Why White People Need To Visit Communities of Color

Opinion Editorial on the impact of white folks have real, deep engagements with folks/communities of color.

Actor -> Ally -> Accomplice

Resources for white folks in the fight

for racial justice.

Don’t Talk about Implicit Bias Without Talking about Structural Racism

Why we need an understanding of our own biases AND action plans to create structural change.

Early Data Shows African Americans Have Contracted and Died of Coronavirus at an Alarming Rate

“COVID is just unmasking the deep disinvestment in our communities, the historical injustices and the impact of residential segregation. . . “This is the time to name racism as the cause of all of those things."

King County Equity Information

Search engine for King County based equity efforts.

DOH - Health Equity

The Department of Health's definitions and resources related to health equity.

Accomplices not Allies

Opinion Editorial unpacking the Ally Industrial Complex, and the importance of being more than an ally - being an accomplice! 

2015 Report on U.S. Transgender Survey

The 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey (USTS) is the largest survey examining the experiences of transgender people in the United States. Content warning: The findings reveal disturbing patterns of mistreatment and discrimination and startling disparities between transgender people in the survey and the U.S. population. . .

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