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Monkeypox State Of Emergency Declared In CA, NY, IL. Here's What You Need To Know About The Virus 

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AARTH Identity Statement

AARTH exists to address health disparities and inequities in healthcare services for people of African descent. We are a nonprofit organization that:

  • creates and sustains partnerships to promote healthy outcomes

  • educates and empowers healthcare professionals, communities, and individuals to eliminate health disparities and achieve health equity

  • works to advance racial equity and social justice

  • responds with efficiency and timeliness to health care crises that impact our communities

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In Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Dear Black People, Community Members and Partners, .  

African American Reach and Teach Health Ministry (AARTH) is a non-religious 501c3 faith-based capacity building nonprofit organization, established to respond to HIV/AIDS and other major health issues affecting people of African descent.  Eighteen years ago, Mary Diggs Hobson and her son Reginald Diggs, who has since passed, founded AARTH with this mission in mind.   


AARTH’s board of directors and staff would like to take time to reach out to our resilient African American community in this time of pronounced struggle. 


Tragically, the novel Coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has disproportionately affected black and brown people at alarming rates: unveiling social and racial injustice, health inequities, and systemic structural racism; our community comprising 50%-80% of COVID deaths in some areas of the United States.  


The deaths of Brenna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony Mcdade and countless other murders demonstrates multiple examples of the sad truth: that America is far from that shinning city on a hill that offers liberty and justice for all.  Their murders at the hands of police officers represents endemic social injustice, deep seeded hatred and hardness of hearts.  This truth has been laid bare for the world to see.  


Worldwide protests against police violence are a testament of our community's and our allies’ commitment to social justice and systemic reform.  

AARTH remains steadfast in our efforts to address racial inequities in systems, policies, and culture and that mission will never waver.  Black

people are reeling from COVID-19 and its devastating effects on our community.  The weight of Black death adds to a profound grief that has festered for centuries. Black people are weary, we are traumatized, we are angry, we are numb, we are impassioned, we are resilient, and we need to recognize this.  The daily trauma under which we are suffering can have even more detrimental long-term effects on our physical and emotional wellbeing.  AARTH encourages all people who are affected by social and historical trauma to take time to pray, reach out to loved ones, meditate, craft, journal, write, draw, say no, quiet your mind.  In times such as these we need that self-care; communally most of all. 


AARTH has a broad scope of educational practices to influence social justice and health equity.  AARTH engages the Black community and our allies with programs that address: chronic disease self-management, mental health, senior health, and HIV/AIDS.  More information may be found on our website at  


In closing we want to leave you with a quote from Alain Locke, the first Black Rhodes Scholar 1907.   



“The younger generation is vibrant with a new psychology; the new spirit is awake in the masses... Each generation... will have its creed.” 


In Solidarity, 


AARTH Board & Staff 



AFRICAN AMERICANS REACH AND TEACH HEALTH (AARTH) is a non-religious 501c3 faith-based capacity building nonprofit organization, established to respond to HIV/AIDS and other major health issues affecting people of African descent.  

AARTH Ministry was established in September 2002 to help bridge the gap in health inequities by providing social/behavioral health education and training capacity building services to faith, health and social service institutions that serve people of African descent.  

African American Kids Dancing


AARTH Programming and Services are all provided with a focus on culturally relevant education and training. Through advocacy and support services, AARTH works to respond to the different health issues impacting Black Americans and all people of African descent. Join us at one of our trainings, or volunteer with us today!



our staff
Kathleen Wilcox Headshot.jpg
Kathleen Wilcox, MBA, BSN

Executive Director

Angeilea' Yancey-Watson, BSW

ELAW Lead Program Coordinator

Rena Cann 3.jpg
Rena Cann

Outreach Coordinator/Office Assistant

dr renee.jfif
Rev. Dr. Renee McCoy

HIV/Aids Program Manager

Kim B.jpg
Kim Breland


Jasmin 2.jpg
Jasmin Tucker

LWCC Program Coordinator

Twanda Hill


Digital Equity Project, Covid, Marketing

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