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Written testimonials

Carol has been a diabetic for many years but had become passive in caring for herself and her disease. After attending the Diabetes Self-Management Workshop for six weeks she states:

“I’ve learned a lot about my condition; how to set and meet realistic goal, read food labels, how my body use Carbs are just a few things to be proactive in using these as tools. Thank you to all for the part you played in helping me understand more about being a diabetic”.


"The workshop gave me more tools for my tool box. An action plan that gave me another way to stay focused and committed to reaching positive goals. I also enhanced my communication skills. The facilitators were excellent presenters, the presentation flowed nicely."

-sHARON M., dsmp participant

"I enjoyed the class, it helped me to better understand Cancer, and how to deal with it, and get through it."


"I loved all the information and knowledge that I got. A healthier eating habits plan and life insurance. I loved the facilitators, Jessica and Kim."


"I really enjoyed the program, it gave me a lot to be thankful for.  I learned from others what they are going through with their treatment, that each person is different in what is going on with their body. The leaders were very good and gave us time to express what has happened and we learned how to live with it. Thank you."

-vERNA N., dsmp participant
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